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Draw The Squad Multifandom by RiRi-Chan888 Draw The Squad Multifandom :iconriri-chan888:RiRi-Chan888 0 0
Klance one-shot I guess?
Third Person P.o.v
"You nearly got us killed today!"Keith yelled at Lance or better known as his boyfriend in anger."It wasn't my fault okay!You decided to disobey Shiro and I had to save your ass!"Lance yelled back as he glared at Keith with some unnoticeable tears."Well your little 'save-my-ass' stunt almost gotten us all killed...Sometimes,I wonder why did I ever fall in love with you!I regret ever meeting you at all!"Keith yelled,blinded by his anger as he yelled some words that he did not mean.The paladins and alteans around the couple widened their eyes as Keith said that,throughly shocked.A stray tear streamed down Lance's cheek before Lance out of the hangar"We're done..."Was all Lance muttered as he walked towards his room,blocking anyone from entering his room after the automatic sliding door for his room closed."Keith...I can't believe you!You really hurt Lance's feelings...I never thought that you would stoop so low..."Pidge said to their friend in anger as they glared at K
:iconriri-chan888:RiRi-Chan888 3 3
Voltron Meme by RiRi-Chan888 Voltron Meme :iconriri-chan888:RiRi-Chan888 1 0 The Gold Runaway by RiRi-Chan888 The Gold Runaway :iconriri-chan888:RiRi-Chan888 0 0 Lineart by RiRi-Chan888 Lineart :iconriri-chan888:RiRi-Chan888 1 0 What The-?!?! by RiRi-Chan888 What The-?!?! :iconriri-chan888:RiRi-Chan888 0 0 Finished Art for the lineart by RiRi-Chan888 Finished Art for the lineart :iconriri-chan888:RiRi-Chan888 1 0 Lineart, Traditional by RiRi-Chan888 Lineart, Traditional :iconriri-chan888:RiRi-Chan888 0 0
The Gold Paladin: Chapter 8
Training Deck
Everyone was surprised to see the training deck illuminated as Keira sliced the robot into half.She then noticed everyone was in the room as Coran clears his throat to check the microphone."Two, two, one, two. Okay, listen up, guys. The Paladin code demands that you put your team members' safety above your own. A swarm of drones is about to attack. It's up to each of you to do everything you can to protect the other members of your team."Coran instructed as Altean drones appear.Keith,Pidge,Taka and Sierra formed their shields as they got ready."Wait, wait, wait. What's going on—Whoa!"Hunk said before his shield formed"Did you guys get one of these?"Shiro and Lance then decided to form their shields as the drones began to power up before starting to fire lasers.As one laser nearly hit Hunk,he dodged, causing the laser to hit Pidge and Taka as they both hugged each other, yelling as they fell through a hole."Protect your teammates or no one will be there to
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The Gold Paladin: Chapter 7
"Everybody up! Zarkon's attacking! The Castle's about to be destroyed! Go, go, go! We need Voltron now!"Allura said,alarms blaring as Keira jumped up from her bed, already in her paladin armor, bayard ready as she remembered this episode."Hurry! We can't survive much longer!"Sierra yelled into the intercoms.Coran's voice was then heard over the intercoms,"Oh, no! Allura and Sierra is dead! Aaaah! it's horrible! Their heads fell off! Wait! What?Their severed head is trying to speak to me! What is it, Allura's and Sierra's head? What are your final words?"All sighed,"Coran..."Coran,not noticing that the paladins had entered the bridge said,"Oh, yes, Princesses​, I'm listening."Sierra chuckled at her royal advisor's antics,"It's over."Coran nodded his head,"Oh, I know! Uaaaagh! If only Voltron had been formed..."Coran then sees Shiro,Keith,Hunk,Pidge,Taka and Keira had entered the Bridge."—Oh! Time!"Coran muttered. "I guess this isn't an
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Conner Kent x Yandere! Reader
(y/n)~Your Name
(l/n)~Last Name
(f/n)~Friend's Name
(h/c)~Hair Colour
(h/l)~Hair Length
(f/h/c)~Friend's Hair Colour
(e/c)~Eye Colour
(f/c)~Favourite Colour
(r/n)~Rival Name
Reader and Conner usually walks home together but her rival asks for Conner's help when she 'couldn't open' her locker door.Reader then meets up with some of her friends after school who are also yanderes so they discuss on how to kill (r/n) and her cronies.The next day, Conner offers to walk reader back but reader declined before she went back into the school and to where her friends are to kill (r/n).The day after that,(r/n) was gone as well as her cronies and no one knew where she went...No one ever suspected (y/n) at all considering she was the smol bean of the class and was too innocent though her friends knew better.
Let's get onto the story!
"Hey Conner,erm...would you like to ha-"You were then interrupted by a familiar high pitched giggle."Hey Conner,can you help me with my locker?I can't
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The Gold Paladin: Chapter 6
As the lions roared, Keira's pod hisses open as she fell.Sierra approached the pod as Keira stumbled out.Sierra's and Keira's eyes both widened as they heard the alarms blaring."Oh fuck...Damn it fucking Sendak...Fuck you..."Keira muttered as her bayard was in her hands now,forming into twin Katanas as Sierra's formed into a bow and arrow."The barrier gets weaker with every blast. Once that shield goes down, the castle will be defenseless.We will need to form Voltron now or we will get quiznaking killed!"Sierra yelled as she ran towards the hangar."Sierra!"Allura said as she frowned at her adoptive sister's profanities before she sighed,"I can give you cover with the castle defenses for a while, but you have to form Voltron now or we'll all be destroyed!"Hunk looked at Allura,"Jeez, no pressure."Electricity crackled around the castle as everyone groaned before they went into their respective lions."Listen up, Team Voltron! The only way to succeed is to give it all you've got! This look
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The Gold Paladin:Chapter 5
"The bayard is the traditional weapon of the Paladins of Voltron. It takes a distinct shape for each paladin."Keira picked up her bayard as it formed into twin katanas."Awesome!"Keira said as she twirled her katanas around.Sierra smirked at Keira's reaction to her bayard before she focused on the other paladins.Hunk gasped as his bayard formed into a cannon that could take down a tank before the weight of the heavy gun caused him to fall as he groaned and grunted.Keira quickly rushed to his aid and helped him up after he had gotten used to the weight of the heavy gun.Looking at Keith,Keira heard him gasp as his bayard turned into an altean sword as she chuckled softly."Whoo!"Lance's excited cheer was heard as Keira turned to face him, wanting to see what would be coming next with a wide smirk on her face.As Pidge's bayard formed an electric spade/lasso,Lance laughed as he saw Pidge's bayard."Aw, you got a cute little bayard."Lance screamed as Pidge electrocuted him with the bayard.Keir
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The Gold Paladin:Chapter 4
"Our father?"Allura asked as she stared at Coran.He began to lead both Sierra and Allura to a room in the castle."Coran, what is this?"Sierra asked as she looked at her royal advisor and friend."King Alfor knew there was a chance he might never see you again. So, his memories, his very being, were stored in this computer for you two."Coran replied before a holographic image of King Alfor appeared in front of Sierra and Allura."Father! Father, it is so good to see you!"Allura and Sierra yelled as they flung their arms around their father."Allura,Sierra,my only children, how I've missed your faces."King Alfor said with a soft smile spreading across his face."We're so frightened. A Galra ship is set to attack, and we don't know what to do. Please, Father,we need your help."Allura said as her eyes moistened with tears."I would do anything to take this burden from you."Alfor said as he looked at his two daughters,one adopted while one biological."We don't know if we should run to preserve w
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The Gold Paladin: Chapter 3
I sighed as I waited with Keith and Taka for the others to return back to the castle.I yawned before I leaned my head on a wall beside me before I slowly dozed off,soon falling asleep.
As Keira fell asleep, giggles from the remaining girls in the castle were heard as they looked at the sleeping Keira who was leaning on a too sleeping Keith's chest unknowingly."Ship it..."Taka whispered with a small smile as she saw Keith and Keira snuggling unknowingly."Keira and Keith...What will be their ship name?"Sierra said.Before any of them could reply,a beeping noise was heard as Allura and Coran had managed to find the red lion."Wha-Ah!!!"Keira freaked out as she looked behind her.Keith was startled awake before he jumped back in surprise, causing Keira to fall on the ground.Keira groaned as she sat up.Keith was as red as his lion as he glared half-heartedly at Keira who was glancing down and blushing."Sorry..."Keira mumbled before she stood up and walked out of the roo
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The Gold Paladin:Chapter 2
"W-Who are you?"Sierra asked as she stared at Keira wearily."Keira Bay...The paladin of the gold lion..."Keira then noticed Sierra was wearing the silver paladin outfit that she had designed."One if the lost ancient lions...Like mine...But where is Raoma...The original paladin.I can feel you have his blood running in you...The first hybrid of the human race and druid race..."Keira's eyes widened in shock.'My father is a druid that lived 10,000 years ago...What the fuck...And how the fuck is this possible?'Keira thought as she helped Sierra up."Don't tell anyone this..."Keira said softly as Sierra understood considering the fact all of her team had died because they didn't trust Raoma which caused them not to form Voltron.Sierra could only do nothing as she was lion that was not needed to form Voltron along with the bronze lion,dark purple lion as well as the gold lion unless if needed but the bond must be strong with one another which was broken since the team except for Sierra,Katiann
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Keith Kogane (Keith x Reader) Part 1
Link to the song:
[Hamilton: Alexander Hamilton]
Please read the description!! :D
"How does a mullet-headed-jerk become the best fighter pilot the academy claims to have ever seen??" The tan-skinned boy grumbled, more or less to himself. The friend sitting beside him swallowed an impressive amount of food before wiping his mouth and glancing at him.
"Who, Keith?" He asked, frowning slightly. "Why do you ask?" Lance groaned, dropping his head onto the table with a dull 'thud.'
"Duh! Who else?" Said boy scowled, resting his chin on his arms.
"Is it because he's better than you at flying the simulator?" Hunk asked between a mouthful of lunch. His friend let out another groan and ran his hands through his brunette hair.
"No!" Hunk smirked.
"It is, isn't it?"
"Shut up! Just because he's better than me at one thing doesn't mean that I have to b
:iconkitty---katt:Kitty---Katt 21 5
Emotion Black/Vyrassa 1 by dvd340 Emotion Black/Vyrassa 1 :icondvd340:dvd340 7 2 Flora - WinX club by Mari945 Flora - WinX club :iconmari945:Mari945 570 36 Homage by ardian-syaf Homage :iconardian-syaf:ardian-syaf 345 34 Antelope64 Ref by Banzchan Antelope64 Ref :iconbanzchan:Banzchan 510 16 The Merman and the Surfer ~ The Airling by sirenabonita The Merman and the Surfer ~ The Airling :iconsirenabonita:sirenabonita 42 12 Red cat by Fantasy-fairy-angel Red cat :iconfantasy-fairy-angel:Fantasy-fairy-angel 275 20 Eurasian Lynx Kitten by CharlyJade Eurasian Lynx Kitten :iconcharlyjade:CharlyJade 93 5 Pidge: Support Voltron Division by SolKorra Pidge: Support Voltron Division :iconsolkorra:SolKorra 668 11 Snowflake Spirit by amadiz Snowflake Spirit :iconamadiz:amadiz 86 12 Keith by Merwild Keith :iconmerwild:Merwild 483 18 WonderWoman by lenocarvalho WonderWoman :iconlenocarvalho:lenocarvalho 131 11 Aurora Borealis by amadiz Aurora Borealis :iconamadiz:amadiz 87 4 YOUNG JUSTICE: FLASH FAMILY by Jerome-K-Moore YOUNG JUSTICE: FLASH FAMILY :iconjerome-k-moore:Jerome-K-Moore 5,476 501 YOUNG JUSTICE: LITTLE WALLY by Jerome-K-Moore YOUNG JUSTICE: LITTLE WALLY :iconjerome-k-moore:Jerome-K-Moore 1,261 135 YOUNG JUSTICE: ALFRED PENNYWORTH by Jerome-K-Moore YOUNG JUSTICE: ALFRED PENNYWORTH :iconjerome-k-moore:Jerome-K-Moore 979 121



Draw The Squad Multifandom
People who have participated in this drawing:
2)Yumiko Ohamada 
3)Chat Noir
4)Pidge Gunderson/Katie Holt
5)Kaitlyn Daggers
6)Keith Kogane
7)Erika Silas
Pidge,Keith and Chat Noir do not belong to me while the others are!
Third Person P.o.v
"You nearly got us killed today!"Keith yelled at Lance or better known as his boyfriend in anger."It wasn't my fault okay!You decided to disobey Shiro and I had to save your ass!"Lance yelled back as he glared at Keith with some unnoticeable tears."Well your little 'save-my-ass' stunt almost gotten us all killed...Sometimes,I wonder why did I ever fall in love with you!I regret ever meeting you at all!"Keith yelled,blinded by his anger as he yelled some words that he did not mean.The paladins and alteans around the couple widened their eyes as Keith said that,throughly shocked.A stray tear streamed down Lance's cheek before Lance out of the hangar"We're done..."Was all Lance muttered as he walked towards his room,blocking anyone from entering his room after the automatic sliding door for his room closed."Keith...I can't believe you!You really hurt Lance's feelings...I never thought that you would stoop so low..."Pidge said to their friend in anger as they glared at Keith before they walked out of the hangar too,trying to cool off some steam.Shiro looked disappointed at Keith as he walked off while Hunk just ignored him."Try to fix this up with him..."Was all Allura said to Keith as both Coran and herself walked out of the hangar.Keith then realised what he just said as everyone walked out.His eyes glistened with tears as he punched the wall of the hangars in frustration before he fell to his knees,convulsing heavily as sobs wracked his body.That night,Keith planned out how should he say sorry to Lance as he laid in bed.Meanwhile,Lance was packing his personal things into two duffel bags that he managed to find before he snuck out of the room,unlocking the door after him.He then walked towards where some space pods were held in,placing his bags into the passenger seat right next to him.As the pod flew out into space,Lance turned back as tears filled his puffy eyes."I'm sorry guys..."Lance murmured as he set the pod on auto-pilot towards earth.

"Lance?May I come in?"Keith said before he sighed as no one answered."I'm coming in now..."Keith said as he pressed the button to open the room's door.His eyes widened as he saw nothing except for a piece of paper on the desk in the room,making it seems as if Lance did not exist at all if not for the note.Keith raced towards it,hoping that Lance did not do what he was thinking.Keith's eyes watered as he read the note silently.
Dear Keith or whoever who is reading this,
It breaks my heart to write this as you guys are all like family in space but then I realised,I wasn't really that good for Voltron...I guess you were right Keith,I wasn't really suit for Blue or suit for even as a paladin of Voltron.So I decided to return to Earth...Please try to find a new partner for Blue and try to forget me okay?If you are reading this Keith,remember that I still love you no matter whatever you or I say...
Keith yelled once again as he threw the note which flew close to the entrance of the door.Everyone rushed into Lance's room as they heard Keith's yell.Their eyes watered as each and every one of them read the note.Pidge slapped Keith before they walked towards their room,tears streaming down their face as they cursed Keith out.

Wanting to find their current blue paladin,everyone rushed towards the castle's bridge as they traced where the space pod was at.Seeing that it had landed in a planet about a few thousand miles away,Allura opened the wormhole as she flew the ship in.

Lance's P.o.v
"Ugh..."I groaned as I opened my eyes,rubbing my head as I looked around the room I was in.The last thing I remembered was that something or more specifically someone had entered the pod and knocked me out.The door opened as I turned towards it.There stood a human-like girl if not only for the almost invisible wings behind her back."You are awake my prince!"The girl yelled as she ran towards me,kissing me on the lips as I pushed her back in shock."What are you doing!?!"I yelled,glaring at the girl."Oh,my name is Kai'Ria,the Princess of Kiranli,and you,my prince,is betrothed to me!We shall get married by sunset the following day!We will feast and enjoy ourself after the marriage is done!"The girl,Kai'Ria,said as she smiled widely at me,showing her teeth.I gasped in shock as I heard that."No!You got it wrong!I was never betrothed to anyone at all!Much less a princess from another planet."I said to the girl as I watched her yellow-coloured irises turn to red."You will get married to me or you will die by execution for my humiliation!"Kai'Ria yelled as a guard donned in gold armour entered the room,quivering with what seems like fear."I-Is anything wr-wrong Pri-princess Kai'Ria?"The guard asked shyly as he stuttered a bit."No!Now go back to your post outside!I will see you later,my sweet.A few of my servants will prepare you for our wedding later!"Kai'Ria said,saying the last two sentences sweetly at me before she skipped out of the room merrily.The guard donned in gold armour entered again."You...I recognise you...You are one of the paladins of Voltron!You saved our neighbouring planet,the Balmera!"The guard said as his once stuttering and shy voice turned into an outgoing and friendly one."You mustn't be here...The species of this planet-well the invader species,captures other species or aliens as you humans call them...By the way,my name is Domer and I am in a rebel group that rescues other species from this planet."The guard,Domer,said."We have to go now...The other Kiranli guards will come soon!"Domer urged me."Don't worry...I'm pretty sure my team will come and save me..."I said as Domer sighed."Alright...My offer still stands though..."Domer said as he smiled sadly,exiting my room.I sure hope Keith and the others wouldn't give up on me.They won't...right?

Keith's P.o.v
"Paladins,remember not to be seen by any Kiranli.They are highly dangerous and they will also claim you as their betrothed if you are unlucky enough.This planet used to be such a beautiful place till the Kiranlis took over.Good luck paladins!I'm sure you can rescue Lance!"Allura said before she sighed.Me and the other paladins walked out of the castle-ship that was parked in an open space that Coran somehow manage to fit us all in.It was nightfall by then as we approached a small town that leads right to the castle of the Kiranli since Allura had suspected that the princess captured Lance from the posters that we found announcing that there was to be a marriage for the princess by sunset the next day.We froze as we saw a girl that looked like a human in front of us,smirking."I've heard that some fellow Kiranlis had mentioned that there was a ship-like castle flying into the atmosphere here but never would I have thought that it would be the paladins of Voltron..."The girl said as we prepared to take out our bayard if needed."We only came here to rescue our friend.We will not hesitate to knock you out of you are here to capture us."Shiro said as his galra prosthetic glowed purple."Woah...I mean no harm.I am Sierra and I am the founder of the rebel group to rescue the prisoners of the Kiranlis who have invaded our planet...Which I guess you all know about since you aren't so shocked.Please follow me."The girl said as she walked to a small alleyway.We looked at each other as Shiro mouthed 'Prepare your bayards in case of an attack' before we followed Sierra into the alleyway where she pressed her hand against the wall the wall glowing at where her hand was before it opened up.Our mouths dropped open as we saw what was hidden in the alleyway's secret entrance.There was a futuristic-like base inside."Woah..."Pidge said as their eyes glittered with amazement."What's your friend's name?"Sierra asked as she looked at us."Lance McClain."I said as she turned to me."Princess Kai'Ria's so-called betrothed huh?"Sierra said as she sighed."Come.We have to get you inside the castle.Change into the armours you find inside the dressing rooms.Your paladin armours will be safe in our care.Take your bayard too,you may need it."Sierra said as we entered the dressing room and changed into the royal armoury.
Third Person P.o.v
The paladins as well as Sierra were soon in the Kiranlis royal castle as they knocked out the guards that were on their way to prepare Lance for the wedding the following day,dragging the unconscious people inside a supply closet that Sierra had located."Domer."Sierra said as the alien's eyes widened slightly."Sierra.I suppose you are here to save the prisoner.He is unfortunately stubborn and he said his team would save him."Domer said as he shook his head.Sierra chuckled a bit."Domer,meet the paladins of Voltron."Sierra said as Domer's jaw dropped open before he lead them inside the room."Lance?"Keith asked as he walked towards a small lump underneath the covers,poking it slightly."Keith?"The lump asked with hope laced in his tone of voice as the lump removed the cover off itself."Keith!"Lance yelled joyfully as he smothered Keith's face with kisses."I'm sorry for all the hurtful things I said to you...Will you forgive me?"Keith asked as he looked at Lance.Lance just gave Keith a passionate kiss filled with love on the lips."Guys!Someone has informed the other guards of the infiltration!"Domer said as he opened the room of the door.The paladins nodded,slightly worried."Knock me out before punching me or something..."Domer said as he looked at the paladins as well as Sierra anxiously.Sierra sighed as she nodded,knocking Domer out by pressing the pressure point on the neck before punching him in the throat,leaving a bruise that formed almost immediately."We have to go!Jump out of that window!"Sierra ordered as she ran towards the window,opening it and jumping out.The paladins followed suit as Shiro closed the window behind them.They soon returned to the rebel base as Sierra smiled."It's been an honour working with you..."Sierra said with a grin,sticking out her hand as she saw Keith and Lance making out in one corner."Yeah,it has been."Shiro said as he shook Sierra's hand,blushing a bit."You have earned a place in this rebellion.Maybe after sometime when the Kiranlis are banished from this civilisation,you and the other paladins can have some tea with me and the rebellion together,"Sierra said to Shiro as Shiro smiled a bit."Yeah sure."Shiro said,agreeing.
Keith's P.o.v
"I love you,Lance..."I said to Lance as I broke off our make out session."Love you too mullet boy."Lance replied before we kissed again.'How did I get someone like this?'I thought as I smiled into the kiss.
Klance one-shot I guess?
So this is my first one shot so sorry if it seems rushed or bad or something...
Voltron Meme
Tagging whoever who is a fellow fan of Voltron.
Link back to blank

Name:Keira Bay

Name meaning (if any):Feminine of Irish     Gaelic Kieran
Nickname(s):RaRa & Cupcake

Species:Half human half druid

Age:Late teens


Around the height between Keith & Lance
Around Keith's weight
Sexual Orientation:
Relationship status (taken, single, etc.):
Single, later on taken
Paladdin's Combat Specialist and Gold Lion Pilot 
Birthday: [day, month]
21 June
astrological sign/zodiac (Greek Zodiac like Pisces, Scorpio, Aries, etc.) {if you don't know the dates look them up!}:
Sarcastic,sassy,stubborn and reckless yet kind and sweet at times especially if a fellow paladin is injured or ill
-sewing and designing clothes 
-combat training ,sparring and fencing
-eggplants and century eggs
-people who irritated her
-step sister 

Keira's father was unknown to her but her mother told her he was never found again a few months before she was born.17 years after Keira's father went missing, her mother remarried to Al Jacob whom had an 18 year old daughter from his previous marriage. Keira's stepsister, Kylie, would boss Keira around but sometimes would treat her kindly but most of the time bitchy towards her. 



Hair color:

Eye color:Neon Pink

Hair style:Side Braid

Skin color
:O (Eek)Olive

Scar(s):Long jagged scar going down from her shoulder to her back due to one of the galra that attacked her home
Any bodily modifications? Like cyborg parts?:


any tattoos? If so tell what the tattoo(s) look like and where the tattoo(s) are on the person's body:
Tattoo of a claw mark at her thigh area


Paladin/Pilot info (Optional)

Uniform color:Gold
Element:radiates charisma, personality and individuality, making others feel relaxed and valued in her company
Weapon(s): Katana(Bayard) 
-2nd leader~


Galara/Enemy info (Optional)

Area assigned to:


Royalty Info (Optional)

Role: [King/Queen, Prince/Princess, Duke/Duchess, etc.]
Of what planet?:



Mother:Katlyeen Lake
best friend(s):Sierra,Pidge/Katie,Keith & Shiro
friend(s):Lance, Allura & Coran
Love interest/crush:Keith



-F-E-A-R has two meanings:Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise

favorite color:
Favorite food:
Country Chicken Pie
Favorite time of the day:
Raining or cloudy time of the day
Favorite season:
Has a space kitten that both Dior(Her lion) and the paladdins adore.                                                 Is from another dimension where Voltron does not exist.

Credits to:21moon24 


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Riley Keystone
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